Typically, the process of turning your ideas into reality depends entirely on your desired outcomes. Any one or combination of the following steps may be utilised; ultimately however, the process needs to be tailored to your specific objectives.

Copy Project Briefing + Site Assessment .. maximize your land usage by identifying relevant constraints and opportunities; these can then be blended with your own ideas to create a site layout which makes the most of the land area you have.
Copy Concept Design .. provides a firm basis for discussion so you can rest easy your design is heading in the right direction.
Copy Detail Design Development + Construction Detailing .. develops the “nitty-gritty” of the concept  to construction documentation standard. “.. my aim is to leave as little as possible to the imagination of the contractor.”
Copy Detail Planting Design .. the important finishing touch; planting documentation will ordinarily include not just positioning, but technical specifications for species, quantities, sizes and planting methodology as well.
Copy Implementation Services .. make sure works are implemented to the intended standards; typically, services would include calling of tenders, and periodic inspection and certification of works in progress.